Life Coaching: The ConneXions Process

Our coaching relationship generally begins with an extended consultation and preparation of an agreement describing specific goals for the work together. A ConneXions inventory, assessing your social network and important attachments is obtained to assure the appropriate level of support necessary for progress to occur. Clients are encouraged to learn ways to identify and overcome their inner critic and self sabotaging behaviors, and to work with, rather than against, their innate strengths and talents. Typically, clients then create a structure of positive behaviors, skills, and strategies useful for resolving diverse problems of everyday living and for realizing the future they want.

The process emphasizes working side-by-side in an active way. Much of the work takes place between sessions through mutually agreed upon activities. Follow through is supported while an individual takes incremental steps towards behavior change and achieving goals. Liaison with involved health professionals occurs as appropriate.

In addition to my work with other health professionals, I may also utilize a team approach with Edward Oklan, M.D with whom I share offices. He is an expert in psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and psychopharmacology.

The location, frequency, and duration of services depend on your needs. Sessions may be held in the office, home, or other locations, or over the telephone or Skype, making it a convenient and individually tailored way to work. Clients may reside throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California, as well as out of state. Fees are discussed individually and vary with the type and amount of service provided. Insurance is not accepted.

The benefits of time limited Life Coaching sessions may be especially cost effective.