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Mood, Anxiety and Other Disorders

We begin by working together to develop an open and trusting relationship necessary to achieve our mutually agreed upon goals. Areas of special expertise include working with clients seeking personal development and support during life crises and transitions, such as medical illness, career change, parenthood, divorce, aging, or personal loss. Others may need assistance with a mood or anxiety difficulties, such as depression or bipolar disorder; post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder; agoraphobia, panic or other anxiety disorder; substance abuse or other addictions; schizophrenia; or Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Our work together integrates Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness, Reality Therapy, Narrative Expressive Arts and Life Coaching approaches, including:

Life Crises and Transitions

In addition to the above, these approaches have been helpful during crises and transitions:

Establishing an open and trusting relational context for healing

Active, receptive listening

Identifying individual goals and steps to accomplish them

Developing positive coping strategies

Assuring the necessary environmental support

Teaching of anxiety reduction and relaxation strategies

Noticing automatic negative thoughts and “inner critic”

Identifying self sabotaging behaviors and triggers for and early signs of distress

Developing meaningful activities and relationships, avoiding isolation

Visualization, guided imagery and meditation techniques

Journal to the Self™: a writing course for self discovery

Narrative Expressive Therapy, including art and poetry

Establishing a daily activity structure

Facilitation of grief work after personal loss

New identity formation and positive adaptation after developmental crises, such as medical illness, trauma, divorce, career change, or other major life transitions.

Help with the process of “becoming a family”, including relationship stresses and identity changes in mothers, fathers, and siblings during pregnancy, the postpartum period and early parenting period.

Parent – child attachment issues

Developmental guidance and support for parents dealing with child and adolescent behavior problems.

Working with teens to establish a healthy identity and values, good decision making, resistance to peer pressure and prevention of high risk behaviors.

Relationship coaching

Dealing with addictive behaviors after crisis or trauma

Work on healthy lifestyle changes, exercise, nutrition, weight management, sleep hygiene and stabilization of circadian rhythm

Supporting independent living skills

Supporting medication compliance when appropriate

Supporting sobriety and referral to community support programs, as appropriate

“My Story,”a narrative journal and workbook created collaboratively with children and teens

Developmental play therapy and learning social skills

Parenting education

Home visiting and telephone contact, if needed

Crisis intervention during stressful periods, if requested

Transportation and support during medical appointments, when appropriate