About Me

Aloha and welcome to ConneXions. Growing up in Hawaii, where everyone was “ohana” or extended family, and all adults were either “aunty” or “uncle,” caring and connection were highly valued. I like to think that spirit has affected my choices over the years to become a neonatal ICU nurse, then an attachment and child development specialist at Pregnancy to Parenthood Family Center, and now in my relationships and work with clients at ConneXions.

I am an experienced psychiatric nurse and Certified Professional Life Coach, who has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics with a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses and life problems for over 30 years. I’ve collaborated closely with physicians, psychotherapists, and other professionals on behalf of clients throughout the Bay area.

In 1981, along with Edward Oklan, M.D., I founded Pregnancy to Parenthood Family Center, an innovative mental health and support program for high risk families and children under stress during the transition to parenthood and early parenting period, now part of the Family Services Agency. At PPFC I served as Clinical Director, perinatal counselor, and attachment/child developmental specialist. In 1991 I received the Spirit of the Family Award from the Family Services Agency of Marin County, along with Dr. Oklan, for our work on behalf of young children and families.

Subsequently, after completing my training at The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA, I received my CPCC certification as a Certified Professional Coactive Coach. I have also been certified by the William Glasser Institute after completing intensive training in Advanced Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. More recently, I have become interested in the use of narrative expressive arts and writing for personal development, and have become a Certified Instructor in Journal to the Self through the highly respected Center for Journal Therapy, Denver, CO.

I have integrated my diverse training, clinical and coaching experience with cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and narrative expressive arts therapeutic techniques, along with the “aloha spirit,” to develop ConneXions, a uniquely effective Life Coaching therapy to support positive change.