ADHD Coaching

I have been widely recognized for my experience and skills as an ADHD coach, receiving referrals from professionals throughout California, the United States and other countries. Coaching may occur in the office or by telephone, in individual, family and group contexts.

For adults:
Help with time and money management; organizational strategies; making choices; establishing priorities and setting goals; getting started; staying focused; follow through; establishing a structure and routine; relationship and workplace issues; ADHD related anxiety, avoidance, and demoralization.

For children:
Academic success, classroom behavior, and homework strategies; getting up and ready in the morning; organizing school work and room; help with control of impulsive behaviors; strategies for making and keeping friends and learning social skills; dealing with teasing and bullying; self esteem and emotional development.

For parents:
Guidance in dealing with inattention, disorganization, and messiness; behavioral problems, including oppositional/defiance, avoidance, and aggression; academic performance problems and homework difficulties; discipline, chores, and allowance; providing incentives and ways to reinforce positive behaviors; “special time” and ways of giving emotional support to challenging children; developing appropriate home and school intervention strategies; helping to support parents.

Assessment of attention by Connors Continuous Performance Test and ADHD questionnaires.

Referral for:
Psychiatric evaluation for medications and/or neurofeedback, if needed
Neuropsychological and educational assessment for ADHD and learning differences

Liaison with schools and health professionals